Tips & FAQ


Tips for Carefree Riding

  Try to be at your bus stop 5 or 10 minutes early.
•  Watch your step while boarding and exiting the bus.
  Never carry open food or drinks onto the bus.
  Never carry a flammable liquid onto the bus.
  Firearms and other deadly weapons are not allowed on the bus.
  Always have your pass and ID (if necessary) ready for the driver.
  Offer the front seats to the elderly and disabled.
  Keep children with you seated or in your lap. Children may not remain in a stroller on the bus.
  Please turn off your radio, CD player or tape player or use headphones.
  Pets are not allowed on board except seeing eye-dogs or trained personal assistant animals.
  Smoking is not allowed on the bus.
  Do not distract your operator while the bus is in motion.
  Always stand behind the white “standee” line near the front doors while the bus is in motion.
  Children age 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.
  Stay seated until the bus is completely stopped.
  Keep your shirt and your shoes on.
  Never cross the street in front of the bus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a bus pass?

A 2-ride or 12-ride card may be purchased on board the bus with exact change only. Bus passes also may be purchased in advance at Crowley City Hall, Rayne City Hall, Duson Town Hall, Scott City Hall and the Rosa Parks Transportation Center in Lafayette.

Where are the bus stops?

Stops are located in Crowley, Rayne, Duson, Scott, and in several Lafayette locations, including UL, SLCC and two hospitals. See the full list of stops here.

Can I get real-time bus information?

Yes, a real-time tracker is available once the route starts.

Is the bus wheelchair accessible?

Yes, each bus is equipped with a lift, with a securement area for two wheelchairs.

Can I take my bike on the bus?

Yes, each bus is equipped with a bike rack. Learn more.

Are pets allowed on the bus?
Only trained service animals are allowed on the bus.
How is Ride Acadiana funded?

Ride Acadiana is a pilot commuter bus service funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with support from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. The Acadiana Planning Commission (APC) is administering the program and has entered into a cooperative endeavor agreement with Lafayette Consolidated Government to operate the route through Lafayette Transit System.

Supported by USDA, DOTD, APC, LCG

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